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. in order to do the transportation projects we need in the county, in order for us to continue economic development, we need a source of revenue that's coming in. >> reporter: baker is expecting his support will result in major transportation projects getting done in prince georges county. >> we're willing to bring our significant amount of votes, 23 members in the house, 8 members in the senate, around this measure, then the transportation projects we have, whether it's new carrollton, whether it's projects around grant avenue, we think those should be on the top of the list in the governor's budget. >> reporter: but some constituents don't agree. >> taxes in the county already ridiculous, you know? property tax. he want more taxes in gasoline? he's got to be out of his mind. >> reporter: state lawmakers have a $1.4 billion gap they're going to have to close in or to balance this budget. in the past, they've borrowed money from transportation to take care of these kinds of issues. if this bill passes it will include an amendment that will keep lawmakers from being able to do that in th
, 2011. we begin with breaking news out of the district. a u.s. park police officer on a motorcycle has been struck by a car. it happened on i-395 near seventh street behind lafont plaza. let's look live at a traffic camera from that area. the officer was being flown to the hospital and is critically injured. we're joined by phone with the latest. >> all lanes are blocked. not far from lafont plaza. we do have several vehicles involved in a motor vehicle collision. it is what we call a priority one, which is serious. the injuries don't appear to be life threatening, but they are serious. and as you said, the medevac helicopter just departed moments ago for a nearby trauma center. >> can you tell us what caused this accident. did a career e rear-end the motorcycle? >> people are looking into the circumstances how it did occur. but right now all lanes are closed. we got the call about 15 minutes ago. it's a developing scene for the most part. but all lanes are -- i can tell you that there are several other vehicles involved. i don't know how they all became involved. but they don't seem t
conference. good morning, melissa. tell us what investigators are saying about this major arrest this morning. >> reporter: investigators inside here say they are absolutely nothing short of thrilled this afternoon. years of work and now a huge sigh of relief for all of these police officials who worked so hard over the years. they now say aaron thomas is, indeed, the east coast rapist. >> good morning. what a pleasure and a privilege to be standing up here. >> reporter: police received thousands of tips after putting up billboards with a sketch of the suspect in seven states last week. police say those tips along with an internal computer system helped investigators share case information led to his arrest. thomas, of course, was arrested in new haven, connecticut, friday after police linked his dna to more than a dozen rapes and sexual assaults over the years. now, they followed thomas, pulled his dna off of a cigarette butt he threw away, and just one day later say they matched that dna to those assaults. as you might remember, over the years, many of the attacks happened in the washington
was plying over benghazi. a u.s. military search and rescue team found one crew member. the other ended up in the care of a libyan rebel group, but quickly separated himself and found the search and rescue team. we'll have more on the crash and the latest enforcement of the no-fly zone in the next half hour. >>> right now, montgomery police are investigating whether the murder of 41-year-old man is connected to a deadly shooting of an 81-year-old man. both shootings happened in olney within days of each other. tracee wilkins talked with one of the victims' uncle. >> reporter: montgomery police say this man was shot and killed here on this road on his way home from work. and now, they're investigating to see if this is possibly related to another murder that happened just last week. >> we are shocked. >> reporter: just after 4:00 p.m. yesterday when shots rang out in the 3400 block of north i street and olney. punyasara gedara shot multiple times. his uncle working in the front yard a few hundred yard as way heard the shots, and ran to the scene. >> i saw people running that way, and then i
in the largest class-action lawsuit in u.s. history. as many as 1 million current and former female walmart workers are suing the chain for what they call wage and gender discrimination. hundreds of protesters on both sides have been outside the supreme court all morning. at issue is whether the lawsuit should have been filed in the first place. lawyers for walmart say the sheer scope of the suit makes it impossible to launch an effective defense. depending on the court's decision, legal experts say either class-action lawsuits would be no more or it could be open season against big corporations. >>> well, let's take a look outside right now. we've got sunny skies on another very cold morning. tom kiernan's here with the very latest. we're enjoying this, tom. >> waiting for warmer weather and waiting and waiting and waiting. it's taking a while to get here, that's for sure. but at least it's looking like spring. cherry blossoms at peak around the tidal basin but a chill in the air. a breeze out of the north and west as well. though it's 43, it feels chilly with the northwesterly breeze arou
when the garage and, as you can see, they used foam to help put it out. everyone was able to get out of the home and no injuries have been reported. >>> let's take a look outside right now. another cold, damp morning out there. tom kierein, when are we going to get some spring again? >> patience is a virtue, i'm told. >> i'm told. >> it's taking a long time. certainly most of us are over winter, but still feeling quite a chill in the air here on this wednesday morning. and looking at radar, we do have rain in the viewing area. raining lightly in culpepper county and madison county and farther to the south of fredericksburg near -- just north of richmond getting some light rain. also a little bit of light rain, shenandoah valley may be mixing with wet snow. as the day progresses, we'll have an increasing chance of getting that light rain into washington. low to mid-40s. 46 at reagan national. that will be pretty much the high for the day. once the rain does come in, it will likely get cooler. today, tonight and thursday, we have a winter weather advisory. it does include parts of garr
to be coming our way later today. and begin to bring us some steadier rain. but it does appear that that will not happen until perhaps late afternoon. before then, we just have a chance of a few sprinkles and the nationals can play baseball with just a few sprinkles, maybe a little bit of drizzle. they can play. i think they'll get most of the game inp pu about later this afternoon we'll get some rain likely continuing tonight. we'll look at your evening forecast, big changes on the way. friday and next week, that will come up along with a detailed forecast for the game. >> okay. tom. we can't wait the hear that. >>> the weather outside might not seem like it, but it's opening day for the washington nationals as they square off against the atlanta braves. derrick ward has more for us. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. you know, like you said, it may not feel like spring but there's electricity in the air. the crack of the bat, the sound of that ball slapping into leather, the music from the stands. and actually the smell of hot dogs and onions. all that sort of comes together
backwards and hit three people including a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old child. police tell us that one of the children has died but have not released which one. we'll continue to update this story as more details become available. >>> now to the story everyone's talking about, the cold weather. the national cherry blossom festival kicks off. spring will feel more like winter. some of you could even see some snow. we'll get right to tom kierein for the weekend forecast. >> in all my years here, i've been here 28 years, i don't remember snow falling when we had the cherry blossoms out. i don't remember that. >> wind and rain. >> this will be very unusual. perhaps on sunday we could get some of that snow. right now it's certainly cold enough. but we have a clear sky and a few high clouds coming in, climbing up to 40 degrees. after a very cold start earlier this morning. and the temperatures out of the mountain of west virginia still low in many locations. around the tidewater in the upper 30s. but this is unusually cold here for late march. it's high pressure pushing down from eastern can
if there is any activity that the tape could picked up that would give us any type of motive or suspect information. >> reporter: according to cooper's family, detectives are telling them that they're investigating this as a possible random act of violence, maybe a drive-by. family members say that they're concerned about that, because, according to the doctors at the hospital, cooper was shot at point-blank range. in prince george's county, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> and not far from that scene, police are looking for those responsible for shooting and killing a pizza delivery driver. it happened in the 6800 block of seat pleasant drive in seat pleasant. police say someone saw a domino's pizza delivery driver on the ground with a gunshot wound last night. he was shot in the chest. emergency crews rushed him to the hospital where he later died. police say the motive appears to have been robbery. no suspect information has been released. >>> and tonight we're going to hear president obama's plan for the u.s. and the crisis in libya. he'll address the nation tonight from the national
to prompt a flood wash. tom kiernan joins us with his forecast which includes more rain and when. >> we had rain sunday. >> we sure did. >> we may get double that thursday. we had an inch and a half sunday. we could get up to three inches during the day thursday. a flood watch in effect this far ahead to give you a heads up. it doesn't take effect until tomorrow night and into thursday. but that watch is now making us aware that we do, indeed have this potential for some serious flooding here during the day thursday. right now, though, off to a dry start and around the region, temperatures have climbed into the 40's 48 at reagan national. we're in the mid-40s throughout most of the region. and we have it now still rather cold out in the mountains. it's in the upper 30s to mid-30s there. around the bay, eastern shore, it's in the mid-40s. central southern virginia, 40s to near 50. after a sunny start to the day, we've had increasing clouds coming in from the west. these clouds will be with us from time to time this afternoon and into tonight but no rain for the rest of the afternoon or tonig
will be always with us. tracy potts takes a look back at her life. >> from first moment i saw you. >> reporter: elizabeth taylor, a woman of breathtaking beauty, one of hollywood's last true stars. >> everything all right? >> reporter: "national velvet" launched taylor into the spotlight at the age of 12. for the rest of her life, the spotlight never dimmed. taylor delivered power packed performances. >> a child is coming. sired by brick out of maggie the cat. >> reporter: she won an oscar for her role as a high class call girl in "butterfield 8." >> you know that latin motto? i'm the glory. >> reporter: and her portrayal of a 1966 nagging drunken housewife in "who's afraid of virginia woolf?" >> he didn't have the stuff. >> stop it. >> like hell i will. >> i'm a very committed wife. i should be committed, too, for being married so many times. >> reporter: her personal life was oftentimes as dramatic as the roles she played. eight marriages to seven husbands. richard burton considered the love of her life. she wedded him twice. failing marriages went hand in hand with taylor's failing health.
grath has more for us now. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. you can see the control tower here at reagan national behind me here. the faa confirms that a second air traffic controller was added to the overnight shift last night. that extra controller brought in following a disturbing incident where pilots were unable to reach anyone inside the tower. it was early wednesday morning. a flight from miami was attempting to land at reagan national, but the pilot couldn't get in touch with anyone in the air traffic control tower. a second maybe made its final approach to the airport a short time later. again, radio silence from the tower. an air traffic controller from another regional facility explained the situation to one of the pilots. >> just so you're aware, we've had one aircraft go into dca. the tower is apparently unmanned. called on the phone and nobody's answering. so that aircraft went in just as an uncontrolled. >> news4's john schriffen was on board the miami flight. as they circled the airport, the pilot explained the reason for the delay in landing. >> the plane kept going back
right now. beautiful sunshiny day. blue sky out there but chilly. tom kierein will tell us if it's going to warm up this weekend. tom? >> indeed. finally going to be acting like march, it does appear. >> good. >> yesterday was like january. now temperatures beginning to climb with that sunshine through high clouds. this morning we were below freezing throughout the entire region. got down to 30 at reagan national. the 20s elsewhere. but now warming back up to around 40 degrees. now 41 at reagan national. that was our high yesterday. but we ought to climb about another 10 degrees up for the high by mid-afternoon. temperatures elsewhere. it's a hit near 50 in parts of west virginia. and down through kentucky, tennessee, it's already in upper 50s to near 60 degrees there. i don't think it's going to get that warm here. but certainly we'll get up to around 50. we've had some of these high clouds streaming in from the west. that's ahead of a stalled frontal zone that's been provided rain throughout indiana and ohio, kentucky, earlier this morning. that front will arrive here, though, over the
blossom festival. a press conference is going on right now to let us know when those trees are going to be in bloom. that's where megan mcgrath is now. are people getting excited about the blossoms coming? and i guess this cold weather is not helping bring them out. >> reporter: absolutely, there's a tremendous amount of excitement. thousands of people come to washington, d.c. to see the cherry blossoms. the trees are down along the tidal basin but the announcement was made at the museum. you can see the festive cherry blossom balloons they have hanging out front. they are gearing up for the festival, march 26th. it lasts until al10th. we've had some pretty bad weather as of late. we've had a lot of damage to trees all around the area, even the national christmas tree. happy to report, though, that we have learned that the cherry trees have done very well. they have not been damaged, they're in good condition. they are very healthy. and now we know when the peak bloom time is going to happen. without further ado we'll hear from the chief horticulturalist. >> this year, based on what
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14